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Whether you're looking for a quick fix or a large project; my team and I can help provide you with a long-lasting and appealing driveway, patio, or new sidewalk. Has your property seen better days? Click below to connect with me so we can instantly schedule a meeting to discuss your plans.

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About Me.

For the past 7 years I have been perfecting and mastering my skills as a professional concrete installer (but I have 20 years experience in the industry) for both commercial and residential properties. Backed by a $0 labor warranty, I stand behind my work and that of my team. We take extreme pride in not only completing a job in a timely manner, but moreover making sure you are extremely satisfied with the finished project.

Where I Started and Why I love what I do.

We take the time to discuss more than just the typical "replace my sidewalk" conversation. I will discuss shape, measurements, thickness, and then provide you information of time schedule, durability, and cost in order to curtail an effective plan for service as well as affordability.

As a growing professional throughout Illinois my work is well known with over 137 satisfied customers. Their satisfaction is driven from my passion in understanding needs and exactly what they would like to accomplish within the "pig picture".

My team and I can assist both with commercial and residential installation of concrete for patios, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

We are fully licensed, insured, and we own our own equipment in order to help you keep your dreams at the most affordable price.

Click below to connect with me on my Facebook page and send me a direct message so we can instantly schedule a meeting to discuss your plans.

My Services.

Professional installation of patios, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots.

We keep records, obtain required permits for coding, and provide/request post-completion surveys in order to obtain feedback as we constantly and consistently try to improve our service and professionalism.

What Customers Say.


Jesse B

JB Stand Concrete LLC

My family and I couldn't be more happy with the amazing job Mr. Sanchez and his team did for our new backyard patio. The kids have been spending a lot more time outside, now that we have a comfortable area to relax on out in the sun. Thank you so much.


Frank K

JB Stand Concrete LLC

I was very pleased with my new driveway. For years I have been meaning to get it redone because of the cracks that just kept occurring. Now my trucks look even better with a smooth driveway. Awesome job.


Karl P

JB Stand Concrete LLC

My folks and I own an apartment complex with 3 buildings and 50 tenants. Jose and his team removed and re laid our entire sidewalks that connect all 3 buildings and common ways. I keep getting our tenants telling me in the office how happy they are with the quality of the new sidewalks. They're happy = we're happy. We appreciate your hard work.


Lui J

JB Stand Concrete LLC

My family owns a pretty busy convenient store. Mr. Sanchez and his crew repaved our entire parking lot in about 4 days doing 1 half at a time so we were able to stay open and not lose any business. Their safety and swiftness was awesome. We would definitely use his services again if we need to for our other locations.

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Rockford, IL, USA

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